A table that can be converted into a sofa with just a single touch.  When the job is done (meeting, brainstorm etc), you can easily turn it back into a sofa. Lay back and enjoy! Free your mind and ideas start flying in.
And when things suddenly need to be written down in the heat of a discussion, it can easily be turned into a table again.
There is more ā€“ you can use it as a whiteboard and share your thoughts with other tables, or boost your own imagination.
We believe space is the body language of an organization!  

We know what we are talking about ā€“ we have conducted more than 800 meetings and brainstorming sessions. During these we have learned that when people do not feel relaxed and loosened up, ideas will not emerge. It can become boring with these people. For some reason they think that expressing themselves accurately is mandatory, so they avoid making mistakes at any cost. Then again, change their environment into a comfortable one, let them enjoy it, cut down silly rules ā€“ and people start seeing things from a fresh angle in no time, become passionate and break out of the box of limitative habits.

Be a rebel!


Change the world!

For such people we are here. They inspire us.

We will launch Q1 2017! Join the crusade to design the future office! Stay updated!
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