The right level of noise triggers our minds to think more creatively

We´ve been asked why do we recommend to take the meetings to office public spaces and encourage people to have spontaneous brainstorms? Well, because it is more productive for your business. 

Everyone knows that workers’ primary problem with open offices is the noise. Right? One research shows that it might not be true. It says it is not the sound itself that distracts, but who is making it. Study points out thet the right level of noise triggers our minds to think more creatively.

The researchers examined various levels of noise on participants as they completed tests of creative thinking. Results were interesting - the participants in the 70 decibels group (it is similar to background chatter in a coffee shop) significantly outperformed the other groups. The study suggests that the right level of background noise will disrupt our normal patterns of thinking just enough to allow our imaginations to wander, without making it impossible to focus. This type of “distracted focus” appears to be the optimal state for working on creative tasks.

Taken together - the ideal space for focused work is not about freedom from noise, but about freedom from interruption. So cut down silly rules, change the meeting room in to a more relaxed one with some noise or take the meetings out to office public spaces and your people will become passionate and ideas will start to fly.

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