Our story

We run a wide scale of different events in our brainstorm studio – everything starting from professional trainings to cultural happenings. Sometimes we need tables for it, sometimes not. We used to carry all the tables in or out of the room. Imagine the agony. And it was hard job as well! Therefore we began to look for a piece of furniture that would be easy to store. Surprisingly it turned out to be a real challenge! What was good as a table was not reasonably storable. What folded well together was so unsecure as a table that you were actually afraid to touch it.

Then we got it! Brilliant! What if nobody has to pack it together? What if nobody has to store it? Bingo! And in that very same moment Sofable was born. A table that can be converted in to a sofa with just a single touch.

Ivar Maripuu

sales, logistics
mobile: +372 5649 6094
e-mail: ivar@sofable.eu

Indrek Maripuu

marketing, production
mobile: +372 501 0539
e-mail: indrek@sofable.eu